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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • So... What's this I hear about a festival in Portland?

Yes, a comedy festival is coming back to Portland. in fact. It started as a love letter to this comedy community in the Pacific Northwest. It's really Shain Brenden's fault for putting the idea in the head of the creators. This event will be to showcase our wonderful community, and is open to every comedian from around the world - to come see what they've been missing in the Rip City comedy scene.

  • Sounds fun, my friends say I'm funny.. How do I submit?

We are accepting submissions from all comedians who would like to attend this year's festival, and it's cool that you make your friends laugh... We are looking for working professional comedians in the industry - from those who've experienced the grind of the open road to those newer comics looking to shoot their shot in the comedy world. The goal of this festival is to create networking opportunities, make new friends, laugh a lot, and have one giant silly party in my hometown. But in all seriousness, There is a committee panel that will review and select the chosen candidates from all artist submissions. That being said, all comedians are invited for consideration into this year's lineup

  • Sounds expensive, will accommodation be provided?

We are handling accommodation/travel expenses on a case by case basis. At a minimum, we are in the process of securing a discounted hotel rate which will be provided (as a minimum) to all traveling comics. Once finalized, you will need to book your stay directly with the hotel in order to receive the discount. Headlining performer agreements and chosen themed shows will receive performance pay. Side stage venues will operate (at minimum) in a tip pool with other comedians. Upon being chosen by the committee, compensation agreements will be sent to each selected talent

  • What about the snacks and that Portland food I always hear about?

Rest assured we're going to have snacks and food available through our amazing partners. This will include items in our global green room, as well as discounts for talent at many of our partner establishments around the area.

  • Want to see my hour long TicTok special?

Not especially, but that doesn't mean we don't want to see YOU! In the submission you'll need to include a youtube or vimeo link along with your other social handles so we can creep on you - looking for your best 5 minutes of material... But we don't do ticktock, because we're old. When you submit the video consider ones that are limited in edits, best of stuff is just as good.  EVEN BETTER is a club recommendation - so if you have one make sure to include it so we can reach out and hear how great you are to work with!

  • How much will submitting set me back?

 $30 bucks, bro. 


  • Yo, that's refundable if I don't get in, right? 

Nah... Submission fees are nonrefundable. Work on that tape, and hit it hard next year!

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