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Meet The Team

The Rip City Skwad

Founder | Introverted Doer

Joe Bee

The average guy behind @HeliumPdxStaff and the Rip City Comedy Festival, Joe is an introverted university Professor and comedy club server who's neurodivergent brain launches him from project to project across the country. This has included adventures with the Van's Warped Tour, Red Bull's Crashed Ice Racing, The Socially Distant Social Club, and now - the Rip City Comedy Festival! What he lacks in social energy he makes up for in motivation to cultivate opportunity for his much funnier friends - and being a good dog dad to Mugsy, the bestest of good girls in the world... yes she is.  

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Nuisance Manager | Breakfast Scheduler


Resident demolitions expert and nuisance manager, Luka is usually found providing unbiased perspective from behind a plate of eggs benny at MFP, igniting dumpster fires, and proofreading emails. A gifted napper, murder show connoisseur, and gif slinger - Luka enjoys watching good comedy, but hates your tiktok.  She serves as Rip City's balance between a professional entity and collection of diy antiheroes, providing constant reminders that all revolutions are impossible until they happen, then they become inevitable.. Also her dog Ichabod Krane will kill you, but is equally as goodest of dogs as Mugso, yes he is.

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Team Tattoo Artist | Overall Swell Human

Lacey B

Expert maker of art and stabby stabs at Wither and Bloom Tattoo, and purveyor of rad shit including: comics, the macabre, and dead bats. Lacey is the mastermind behind this year's limited edition Rip City art print and can beat the Ocarina of Time. Lacey enjoys good coffee and even better anime, and knows more about Star Trek than you. When not busy serving as team therapist or soundboard for Joe and Luka, she can usually be found at her studio or feeding the neighborhood crows.

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