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Meet The Team

Scene Steward | Comic Liason

James Bosquez - AKA "Bos"

We really want to write something snarky and silly for James Bosquez, but his importance to Rip City Comedy's development cannot be understated. A comic with years in the comedy world, his perspective helped to define the values of Rip City brand and it's "scene first" mentality. When he's not hosting his long running "Transplants" showcase which creates space for comics new to town or working on his craft, James can often be found tearing tickets at Helium Comedy Club, or doing yard work while his 5 white roommates debate immigration reform. We'd say follow him on insta, but his account is private.. Sweet move for a comic, dumb dumb... There.. Boom. Roasted.


Professional Kitten Herder | Comedy Mom


OG Comedy Mom and history junkie to all things Portland; LeighAnn was part of the first ever conversation about putting together Rip City. Her response: "Absolutely not". Yet 2 year's later she's still on board as the pragmatic middle and resident future cat mom. You'll see here checking in VIPs, helping plan comic itineraries, organizing street art tours or makers market to make sure this fest feels special to everyone involved. She's done it all from Bridgetown to Big Sky, even a corporate comedy club. Wether its coordinating volunteers, brainstorming over a late night pint, or just showing us the rad shit in the town that reminded us why we love it; she is always down whenever. Plus she's got a pretty killer taste in music... and sings No Doubt REAL. GOOD.

Logistics Manager | Artist Experience Wizard

Sam P.

We lucked out meeting Sam walking around the woods, where she lived alone in said woods with two dogs. Who we found is someone who not only matches our small team's vibes as a human, but actually has way more experience than we do in pretty much.... everything? That's why she's our new favorite pro wrestling fan and dog mom who joins us with years of experience working on everything from SXSW, Clusterfest, and even Bridgetown. Her insight and passion for rad projects is rivaled only by her knowledge of the Alkaline Trio discography and how to chop wood.

C36CA93D-CA42-475E-A568-D53433E665EB (1)_edited.jpg

Graphic Artist | Disney Fan | Elder Emo Kid

Jimmy H.

You've all see the rad posters and artwork coming out on socials which pay tribute to some of our favorite punk albums. This work is 100% the vision of our guy Jimmy H at City Apparel and Designs. When he's not busy getting bothered by Joe Bee about random design stuff, Jimmy can be found being a rad dad who wears his love for the magic kingdom on his sleeve (literally). 


Introverted Doer | Part-time Jerk

Joe B.

The average guy behind  the Rip City Comedy Festival, Joe is a rejected comedy club server turned introverted university professor and social media/talent manger who's built a reputation on DIY ethos of the Midwest early 00's punk scene. Diagnosed as an adult, his neurodivergent brain launched him from project to project across the country. This has included adventures with the Van's Warped Tour, Red Bull's Crashed Ice Racing, The Socially Distant Social Club, and now - the Rip City Comedy Festival! What he lacks in social energy, he makes up for in motivation to cultivate opportunity for his much funnier friends - and honoring the memory of comedy's beloved bulldog Mugsy Bogues, the bestest of good girls in the world... yes she is.  

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Nuisance Manager | Breakfast Scheduler


Resident demolitions expert and nuisance manager, Luka is usually found providing unbiased perspective from behind a plate of eggs benny at MFP, igniting dumpster fires, and proofreading emails. A gifted napper, murder show connoisseur, and gif slinger - Luka enjoys watching good comedy, but hates your tiktok.  She serves as Rip City's balance between a professional entity and collection of diy antiheroes, providing constant reminders that all revolutions are impossible until they happen, then they become inevitable.. Also her dog Ichabod Krane will kill you, but is equally as goodest of dogs as Mugso, yes he is.

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 9.20_edited.jpg

Team Tattoo Artist | Overall Swell Human

Lacey B

Expert maker of art and stabby stabs at Wither and Bloom Tattoo, and purveyor of rad shit including: comics, the macabre, and dead bats. Lacey is the mastermind behind this year's limited edition Rip City art print and can beat the Ocarina of Time. Lacey enjoys good coffee and even better anime, and knows more about Star Trek than you. When not busy serving as team therapist or soundboard for Joe and Luka, she can usually be found at her studio or feeding the neighborhood crows.

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