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Become a Rip City Sponsor and connect with thousands of comedy fans in the Portland area and beyond

Rip City Comedy celebrates Portland's rich comedic heritage while providing opportunity for marginalized communities regardless of race, sex orientation, or identification. It is our core goal to foster a diverse environment of inclusion and equity within the realm of comedic performing arts. 

Your sponsorship directly aligns with our pending non-profit initiative while providing your business a presence in front of the targeted groups of consumers, performers, and supporters of the Portland comedy community. 

Our Mission:

Rip City Comedy and its annual Rip City Comedy Festival is a pending non profit organization committed to supplying resources and exposure, while creating opportunities for comedians throughout  the Portland, Oregon area 

Our History:

Started in June of 2022 our vision quickly escalated from simply putting on monthly comedy showcases - to expanding visibility of local theme shows and comedy centric venues through connecting them with the best in local and touring comedic acts. Our showcase alumni includes such names as Kyle Kinane (Comedy Central), AJ Wilkerson (Netflix is a Joke Radio), and local Portland Funniest winners Shain Brendan and Adam Pasi 

Our Comics:

Our goal is to feature national touring headliners as well as some of the top up and coming regional and national comedy talent. Rip City Comedy Festival will showcase these acts for not only Portlandians, but for industry professionals as well

Our Charity:

Through our local comedy showcases and the yearly Rip City Comedy Festival, it is our goal to assist with the advancement of local arts programs and initiatives.

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